Openfire Read Error

I recently re-deployed Openfire on my network. I was using a version 3.4.1 and I upgraded to 3.5.2 This was a completely new install on a new box. Nothing from the old server was migrated over. All configs were redone and settings were created. However I am experiencing a weird issue. About half my users are being disconnected throughout the day with a Read Error. The ID that is being used to query MS AD is the same ID that was used on the old server. The amount of java memory has been set to 768 and at no point has it been close to maxing out on java memory. Users and click the re-connect button and they are re-connected to the server but at random times and to random user they are disconnected with a Read Error.

Any thoughts as to why this is happening? Are there any specific files or configs that you want to look at?



I did some de-bugging and this is what appears to be happening.

(09:54:46) account: Disconnecting account 00CCBF90
(09:54:46) connection: Disconnecting connection 00FAFD58
(09:54:46) connection: Deactivating keepalive.
(09:54:46) jabber: jabber_actions: have pep: YES
(09:54:46) connection: Destroying connection 00FAFD58

(09:54:46) GLib-GObject: invalid cast from GtkEventBox' toGtkButton’
(09:54:46) Gtk: gtk_button_get_relief: assertion `GTK_IS_BUTTON (button)’ failed
(09:54:47) jabber: Recv (ssl)(242):