Openfire refuse me to connect on the administration page after reboot (Active Directory configuration)

Hi !

After a couple of week trying the openfire solution, i have migrate my corporation under openfire instead of Windows Live Messenger.

But, when everybody was under Spark, the button “conference” on the discussion windows become inoperant …

So, after looking on logs under the admin interface, i choose to reboot my server during the non works hours, but now, i was unable to login on the admin page ! Openfire say : “Echec de la Connexion : Soyez sûr que le pseudo et le mot de passe sont correctes et que vous soyez administrateur ou modérateur.”

How can i correct the admin login problem ? (my main question !)

And why the conference button doesn’t work after all my user migrate on Spark (after, when we are juste 5-8 people to try the service, the conference button worked fine …) In english, the error message look like : “Connexion fail, be sure using the great id and password and you are administrator or moderator”

Thanks for all !

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What is the error message in English?

“Echec de la Connexion : Soyez sûr que le pseudo et le mot de passe sont correctes et que vous soyez administrateur ou modérateur.”

Failed to Connect: Make sure the username and password are correct and that you are administrator or moderator.

I know this sounds too simple, but OP you really might have the password wrong.

If that’s not the case, you can open the database. There is a table called ofUser. Set a new value for the plainPassword of the user admin and set the encryptedPassword to NULL. When you log in the first time, it should set the plainPassword to NULL and encrypt the password and set the encryptedPassword value.

Can’t help you on the conf issue, though.

It’s not a bad password, we use Openfire with our active directory, and i have set many admin account but no one work since i reboot the server.

So, i remember i have change the domain setting from to, does this setting can break access to admin account ?

My server run under Ubuntu server (no x installed) how can i update database (using self openfire database) ??

Thanks !

…and have you updated admin.authorizedJIDs setting in ofProperty table after changing domain???

sorry have no experience with internal database but what you can do is

  1. set **false ** in openfire.xml

  2. then open web, it will run through setup - set your new admin there

Really thanks oiram,

i don’t remember change admin.authorizedJIDs, i have change the domain after somes days choose to reboot the server for maintenance…

The problem seems to be here …

If nobody can tell me how modify this value in the integrated database, i’ll use your method (setup).

well mate, in cases where you intend to change domain ALWAYS add admin account with new domain first prior to changing domain just to avoid these hiccups it is just a good practice (at least imo)


i have set **false ** in openfire.xml, restart Openfire, follow the setup but when on the database setup i can see this error message :

“The Openfire database schema does not appear to be installed. Follow the installation guide to fix this error.”

Why !!! So, i have try to continue setup whithout, setup my active directory user database correctly, adding administrators and test id (success !) but when the setup was done, i was unable to login with the admin account on the administration page …

I think the setup settings was not saved because database error, how can i solve this issue ?