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Openfire Required Ports Automatically Open?

Hi there,

I installed the most recent version of Openfire on my CentOS system.
It’s all working perfectly, but I am curious if the installation automatically opened the required ports used by Openfire?
I think I might have opened them manually in the past, but I can’t quite remember. Only reason I am wanting to know is I need to create an “instructions list” on how I installed Openfire on my system.

Thanks a lot.

No, it shouldn’t automatically open the ports.

Hmm ok thanks. Which ports are required to be open at a minimum for it to work?

At a very minimum you should open 5222 port for clients connections. If you want to administrate the server remotely, you can also open 9091 port for Admin Console’s https port (9090 is for plain connection, but i would keep it closed).