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Openfire requires internet connection?

Hi, yesterday I noticed something about openfire.

Openfire server window went blank after I started it. I keeps blank like that and cannot be started(I cannot login to server or open the admin panel). I tried several times to restart the server but still failed.

After that I gave up and want to go browsing, that time I noticed that my internet connection went down, after few minutes later my internet connection already restored and I can start the openfire server again.

So does openfire requires internet connection to be started? Is openfire server sending information to internet?

I’m using windows xp sp 3.

I can guarentee that it does not require an internet connection, a network connection though, that is a different story. Is it possible that your network was down instead of your internet connection.

It’s localhost, I also tested by starting apache and open xampp control panel

i believe openfire doesnt need internet connection in order to run the service although it may require internet connection for example, the rss feed from the admin console or if you want to install plugins.

I believe that also but I experienced something like that so it made me doubt.


Openfire does startup fine without an internet connection. Anyhow it does require networking.


I tried to disable my internet connection again and it can still working now, maybe I just encountered temporary bug.

Thanks for the replies