Openfire respondes to custom HTTP Request

I have developed a dynamic web project in eclipse, that runs on tomcat. It uses mySQL database and to access the project, I have used REST as web services.My project is deployed in tomcat and, in web browser, If request http://localhost:8080/project_name/resource, it returns JSON in the web browser, which i have used as MediaType. My question is that, Is it possible to export my project in some way,to openfire server from of tomcat server, and if I request http://mydomain:9090/project_name/resource can it respond to same way that tomcat do. also, will mySQL database will be update against my HTTP request.

If it’s not possible, so is there any alternate way to do it, i.e from plugins etc.

It my question is not clear. Let me know, so that I can highlight my question with more details.

Thanks in ADVANCE