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Openfire Rest API

I have installed Openfire 4.1.5 and added the REST API plugin. When I trying to retrieve users and search users, using rest API calls, they are working fine as expected.
But Filtering users by propertyKey and propertyKey/propertyValue doesn’t work as expected.

I hope following API call will give all the user’s email fields values -
But this returns an empty object.

And as per the documentation following API call need to return all the emails which has sub-string “cha” , but it doesn’t.

By creating a user, did you also added “email” propertyKey/Value?
(PropertyKeys are not set by default)

Thank you very much , After creating users by adding propertyKey/Value then the problem was solved :slight_smile: . But one more question,
Is there way to wildcard search by properties as we can search by username.


unfortunately it is not possibel

Ok thank you for your support :slight_smile: