Openfire RoundRobinDispatcher do not support FIFO

I am using Openfire’s Fastpath plugin to implement a client(webchat)-agent(Spark) service system. According to the dispatching logic in , If the queue has many request and A’s request is ahead of B, and at the same time the Spark is very busy ,then ,if the Spark closed one window and become available for one more new session , then in many cases, B will get it instead of A, although , A’s request is earlier that B. I have my own solution to solve this problem and I want to contribute to Openfire project.Any one can give me some direction on how to join this project ?Except for this bug , I have already found others problems of openfire and Fastpath plugin and want to make a contribution to fix it.

I have registered on but for some reason I cannot login to this server.Anyone can help me ?

My email is can contact me if you are interested.

Fastpath is not in development for many years and nobody is currently maintaining it or working on it. So, it is nice that you want to step in. The easiest way is just to provide your patches. Then someone here will file a ticket and attach your patches to it. If you will want to be involved for a longer time, then we can provide an access to JIRA, so you would be able to file tickets yourself.

Not sure why you didn’t manage to connect to our conference though. You can try the web chat Ignite Realtime: Support - Group Chat