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Openfire search result set management not working as expected


Openfire version: 3.7.1

Search Plugin: 1.5.1

Total number of users in database: 16

I am trying to use search plugin feature on server from a client. I can see Result Set Management(XEP 0059) is supported by the search plugin on the server. But the results I am receiving is not as expected.

Below is the observations,

  1. While “Retrieving a Page out of order”, the results returned is having a count value equal to the number of resulting records rather than the total number of records for the search.


C: 010

S: 10abcxyz

Even if the search results in total number of records say 16, the “count” returned is 10 which is the number of “max” requested, whereas the XEP says the “count” returned will be the total number of records matching the search criteria.

  1. If the “index” is set to a value other than “0”, the results returned is not as expected.


C: 810

S: 8

Here the request is to get search 10 records from results starting from 8th record, but the response does not return any records instead is returning a “count” value of 8.

Please let me know if there any details on this.