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OpenFire sending unwanted "Tune" information to buddylist

I have a problem with the new Pidgin 2.3.0 and OpenFire 3.4.1 server sending Pidgin information about peoples “Current Media”… not only could i care less to know who is listening to what, but now i have anoying little musical note icons in my Pidgin Budylist next to almost everyone in my company’s names… and i know most of them arent listening to music, or have any sort of media player open…

im not 100% sure if this is a problem w/ Pidgin, or a problem with something new in OpenFire… but im leaning twoards it being an OpenFire issue because of the following:

this is from my Pidgin debug window when i connect to the OpenFire server and it sends me all the user info/budylist:

(15:53:21) jabber: Recv (ssl)(525): <message to=“myusername@myserver/Home” from=“hisusername@myserver” id=“hisusername@myserver__myusername@myserver__H81R8”><event xmlns=“http://jabber.org/protocol/pubsub#event”><items node=“http://jabber.org/protocol/tune”><item id=“EgVDlQu3xz1c9YE”><tune xmlns=“http://jabber.org/protocol/tune”><length>0</length></tune></item></items></ event><x xmlns=“jabber:x:delay” stamp=“2007-11-30T12:59:18.298Z”/><addresses xmlns=“http://jabber.org/protocol/address”><address type=“replyto” jid=“hisusername@myserver/Home”/></addresses></message>

even tho this “tune” data being sent from OpenFire contains nothing… pidign still thinks that person is listening to music, and displays a musical note icon next to their name in the budylist

heres what my pidgin budylist looks like: http://www.orbdesign.net/images/pidgin.jpg

is there any way to just turn this all off? i dont care about ppls musical tastes, especially at my office

This is a pidgin issue. Openfire is just forwarding what pidgin is sending to it.