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Openfire sends Service Discovery request everytime I send XEP-115 Entity Capabilities


every time I send a broadcast presence to Openfire with XEP-115 Entity Capabilites attached, Openfire “responds” with a Service Discovery info request. My client then of course responds with its features and identities.

I don’t know why Openfire sends the request in the first place. Maybe he’s interested in my client’s capabilities but I don’t why it should be. The specification of XEP-115 doesn’t explicitly mention that the server should discover a client’s capabilities. Of course it can, but I understand it more of a client-to-client protocol.

Further more Openfire does not advertise support for XEP-115 in its Service Discovery response.

But the bad thing about all this, is that Openfire asks my client for its capabilities, every time it sends a Presence (e.g. with another element). The verfication string and hash is always the same! So actually Openfire should cache the capabilities.

So the whole point of XEP-115, namely less network activity, seems to be invalidated.


Client sends:

Openfire sends:

Client responds:

I first thought, maybe my verfication string is wrong, but then I tried it with the example in XEP-115 (see above) and it still behaves the same.


I hope you help :

http://servicelab.org/2013/02/21/xmpp-service-discovery-extensions-for-m2m-and-i ot/

It’s a nice read, but has nothing to do with my question.

Any other comments?


Is this still a problem? Just attempting to look at old Jira tickets and triage what the current issues still are… thanks!

OF-308 is associated with this post