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Openfire sends type="unavailable" packets twice on http-bind


I`m using http-bind with javascript client. I have two clients running and one of them is closing the browser without sending a packet to end the session.

After 5 minutes which is the waiting time I set, openfire ends the client session which is fine. The problem is openfire sends twice a packet saying that the client type=“unavailable”. Is this a bug?

There are times that the client that should stay online gets this packets and then get disconnected by openfire and receive “invalid sid” message. I believe those two issues are related but I`m not sure.

Am I missing something?


Is this on 3.3.x or 3.4? Some http binding issues have been fixed in 3.4.

sorry for not saying that. It`s on 3.3.3

Can I start experimenting with 3.4 on a development machine?

How do I upgrade from 3.3.3 to 3.4 on linux centOS? I have installed the rpm version.

Are you going to implement script tag (json) for hhtp-bind? Itll make things much easier because we wouldnt need a proxy server anymore.