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OpenFire server customization (openfire.xml)


I am trying to configure open fire using configuration file (openfire.xml).This is a requirement in my current project. Basically, manual intervention has to be avoided.

The server is integrated with Active Directory.

Below is the snapshot of the configurations in openfire.xml. 389 cn cn admin@example.com CN=Users,DC=XXXX,DC=com CN=Administrator,CN=Users,DC=XXXX,DC=com pwd
<groupSearchFilter>(cn=Domain Users)</groupSearchFilter>

Above are LDAP related properties.

I am using database as the openfire backend repository. The properties in openfire.xml are read by the server and stored in the database (during service startup). It stores the properties in a table call ‘Property’.

The above listed properties are read by the server correctly on start-up. Once these properties are read, it will be removed from openfire.xml (configuration file) and persisted in the backend repository, which in my case is a database (In the table ‘Property’).

Question 1)

There are some configurations like ‘xmpp.domain’, ‘xmpp.auth.anonymous’, ‘xmpp.socket.ssl.active’ that is not read by the server.

The configuration file contains the following:

true XXXXX true

Why aren’t these properties read by the server ? whats wrong ?

Question 2)

Also i wish to add couple of servers for server to server communication.

How do i do this using the configuration file ? (openfire.xml)

Please help.