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Openfire Server migration; Pidgin prompt to accept self signed cert - anyway to disable the client pop-up

I’m migrating from a Centos 6.7 server running 4.02 to a Debian 9 server running 4.4. During a test of pointing a Pidgin client (v2.10.12) to the new server the client throws a pop-up to accept or discard the certificate. Is there a way to prevent this pop-up? The database restore from 4.02 looks good, and I’ve copied over the keystore from the original server and placed it in /etc/openfire/security/. I have several hundred users. Appreciate your help and consideration.


When you’re using the same XMPP domain, keystore and the same client, behaviour should not have changed. My guess is that Openfire auto generated a self-signed certificate and added that to your keystone (and is using that instead of the certificate that you intend to use). If that’s the case, simply removing the seld-signed certificate from Openfire should fix your issue.

Thanks for your reply! Appreciate the feedback. I’ll test it out and post back here. Thanks!