Openfire server sending empty packets to client

I am using Openfire server to implement XMPP communication between multiple clients, but in iOS background mode we can not afford to read useless packets. Here as I observed from iOS logs & other client logs, Openfire server is sending some kind of empty packets to client every 2-3 seconds. I have verified this with Wireshark also.

Do anyone seen this before? how can I stop this behavior of Openfire server for sending empty packets?

Setup used for openfire:

  • Openfire server version : 3.8.2
  • TLS enabled
  • Client ideal duration kept at 60 seconds, in Openfire server settings.
  • OS : Windows XP - 32 bit

Its very urgent for me, can anyone from developer tell me how to fix it? Or just let me know the class where i can controll all outgoing packets.

Maybe show us the “empty” packet!? Is it just a whitespace or an XML stanza, like the ping (XEP-199)? I’ve never seen that before.

Do you have multiple people with the console open? We ran into this issue as well.

Stack overflow had someone that narrowed it down to being the host check routine in the session-status page that tries to touch each tcp connection and sends a whitespace ping to see if the socket still works. Doh, just saw this was you!

ios - Openfire Server sending empty packets - Stack Overflow

Openfire Developers - can you please fix this, or make these whitespace pings an optional feature on that session-status page?

Sorry for delayed reply, I was not able to log-in to this forum for some reasons.

That is my post on StackOverFlow. Thanks for helping