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OpenFire server shuts down on Sunday's

Hello Peeps,

We have an issue with our OpenFire server. Every Sunday Night (or Monday morning) our openfire server has to be re-launched. Not sure why its doing this. We have to log back on and re-launch the server. It works perfectly the entire week and BAM we have to re-launch it Monday when we come in. We do not have OpenFire running as a service due to it not working properly when set up in that manner. The server in question is always online and the user we have is not set to go offline on Sundays. When we check the server it states the user is still online…any help would be awesome!

You should check what is happening on this server on Sundays. Maybe some scripts, group policy, backups, etc. Openfire shouldn’t just turn off on Sundays on itself.

So you are logging into a server and run Openfire with the Launcher? Then you leave it this way running without loggin off? What operating system? Are you logging via Remote Desktop. I haen’t heard about such thing, but probably there is some timeout for idle login sessions (maybe even configurable). Maybe it just terminates idle sessions after 7 days. Then it should be enough to login after a ~5 days into the same session and check if it will live through the next Sunday. Just to test this theory.

THanks for the info. Started to dig into event viewer and noticed that the server was restarting every sunday at 3:30am based off a schedule. Come to find out the server being used was previously used as a database that requires a restart every Sunday in order to back up the DB. It was than i looked into Task Scheduler and found that task to restart the Server. Thanks for the help!