Openfire Server unable to start automatically?

Good day.

I’ve recent started testing Openfire for my work environment. So far I’ve encountered no major problems except this one:

I simulated a power failure, and after power is restored, all my servers came back online automatically, except Openfire. I looked through the server setup, and did not find an option for it to start up automatically.

Is there any way for me to configure it to start automatically with the other services?

Thank you, and have a great day!

can u provide litte more details

a) How is the openfire running? from commandline or through service ?

b) Which is the OS ? Windows or Linux ?

a) Command line.

b) Windows 2003 Server

Two solutions

a) you can create a batch file that runs the openfire.exe and put it in startup folder of the admin user of the machine

b) or install openfire as windows servvice by using openfire-service.exe

that will make ur server start automatically

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To the b) solution, if only that worked…

I’m on a Win2k08 server x64 and openfire don’t work as a service, the service starts and everything but no client can’t connect to the openfire server…

please confirm your firewall settings on win2k08 x64 machine

you might need to open few ports in firewall