Openfire service, Another PC cannot connect


now i have another Problem.

When i start the openfire.exe and press start…and is running…i can from antoher pc join the admin panel.



When i stop and quit the openfire.exe and than i start the openfire-service -install…-start…i can only login from the same pc…another pc cannot connect with the admin panel.

The jabber client isnt working too when the service is running…at the same pc all functions ok.

Openfire service is running at a Windows Xp Prof Client at the Network…is that a problem?must the openfire service running @ the server?or why cannot connect with the admin panel oder jabber client when the server running over the openfire-service ?!.


This is most likely caused by windows firewall, or som other firewall. you need to allow the service application like you did for the gui application to pass data through the firewall.

We use the Windows Firewall…in the Firewall i have the point “Openfire Server” is activate.

Or is the Openfire Server the openfire.exe?? yeah ok i have look is the openfired.exe…and the openfire-sevice must i manual activate.

What must standing in the windiws firewall that it works correctly?

That setting is for openfire.exe and was added when you started the gui app.

You need to allow the openfire-service.exe and possibly openfired.exe as well.

lol iam so stupid…the openfire-service is an .exe and i can it put in the firewall im so stupid ^^…now it works…thx.