Openfire session with gtalk not using SSL nor TLS

I, like most of us, I assume, have lots of users who have lots of chats with other XMPP users in other domains, outside domains, and I check on these once in a while to see how they set up. I see that most will use SSL/TLS when the other server supports it, as expected, which we strgonly desire & are glad for. However, I do not see sessions with gtalk (or any domains hosted by google through their googeapp’s program) using SSL or TLS for those sessions between the google servers and our server. Is anyone else seeing this? Has any one figured out why it is not doing this? Or how we can get it to do this? Since so many domains are hosted by google, and so mnay more to come, not to mention all the people who use their gtalk account as their jabber account, we want to have this in place. Thanks so much everyone for a great community & information & software. Thanks again. Cheers. Jason