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Openfire - setting Spectrum 2 Skype Transport with Gojara

Hi Guys


Server: Ubuntu 12.04 - openfire/gojara - yahoo transport

Clients: Spark client on windows machines

Has anyone setup Skype successfully using the Spectrum 2 XMPP transports?

I have followed the guide below:


When I run “spectrum2_manager start” in the shell I can see the transport starts without errors (along with the yahoo transport that I setup previously and is working), I then go to the gojara plugin in openfire but the Skype transport doesn’t appear, only yahoo. Is the Skype transport supported in Gojara and if not is there an alternative plugin elsewhere? Btw - I have rebooted the server but no change.

Do I need to set the transport config files here in a specific way /etc/spectrum2/transports/

If anybody can offer any suggestions or post some links to previous posts then I would be most grateful…



Can anybody help with this one?


does anyone have an answer or any info on this?


Not sure if you found this. There is a doc on it.