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Openfire Setup Guidelines for High Availability


I am working on Installing Openfire and wanted to know the guidelines on providing high availability.

From the information that I have, Openfire does not support cluster configuration.

In this scenario to support high availability, can one setup a configuration of two independent openfire nodes where each of them is configured to one single Jive Clearspace instance and we use a load balancer to frward requests to these two independent Openfire installations in a round robin basis.

My assumption is that since both these two Openfire Installation will be configured to the same Jive Clearspace instance they will have the same set of user data. In this case though I will not obtain session replication, I am hoping that I will achieve high availability as one of the server will be able to service the request.

I would like to ask this community to provide me your suggestions on this topic.

Thanks in advance,