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Openfire Setup server

So I really dont know what I am doing. But I can tell you I am trying to set up a IM service for my small business. I installed openfire and spark. I dont know anything about servers and how to get that set up. I guess I am just computer stupid but I keep seeing that openfire is really easy to setup, I am stumped. I launch the admin select english, then I have no clue what I am doing. The domain? what is this? it says next to the ? “host name or IP address” I dont know my ip or where to find it. so I just selected what was already put in that box (rm_sacramento). next screen is database settings. Dont know which to select or what this means. Each step seems more and more confusing with terms and information that are unknown to me.

any help on this would be great.



Also, is there some sort of auto setup wizard for this? So I just click and it does everything for me and I just login and start chating in a private server?

You haven’t tried to setup jabberd or some other servers. You won’t get to step one Openfire setup is easy, but you have to have some IT knowledge. It is still a server software after all. And if you don’t know what is IP and where to look for it, then i say, hire some IT guy to setup this for you. It would be faster and more reliable, than wasting your time trying to setup everything yourself.