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Openfire shows user as ONLINE, but clients see user as OFFLINE


this is my first post to the community. I have a user who is using iMessage to access our private Openfire Jabber environment. This particular user shows as “offline” to all out users, irrespective of their XMPP client. I know he is online, and we can message him ( and he can message us), but the status never changes to online.

In the Openfire SERVER, I can clearly see that he has a stauts of “online”, and the connection times, etc are correct. I have tried to duplicate this setup, but can not do so.

we have a variety of clients in use here, most windows users use Pandion, or Pidgin, and most mac users use Adium or imessage. No matter what the client… this particular user shows as “offline”. I have, of course remvoed and re-added his jabber account in imessage several times, and even rebooted his mac inbetween re-installs.

There are no errors in the Openfire logs,

any assistance would be greatly apprecuiated.

Thank you,


Does it work if they use a different client, such as Adium?

Hi David. Thanks for your response. I actually have not tried having the user themseves login using Adium. It’s an Exec user, and he doesn’t want to be bothered too much. I have tried checking the users status by using my account in Adium, iMessage, and Pandion clients, and he always shows as offline (regardless of the Client I am using). We do have other users who you imessage and who’s availability changes correctly, when they are available, extended away, etc.

Hope this helps.



Is it a roster issue with the user? Does your roster config (within Openfire app) show that you have ‘both’ so presence information is exchanged both ways?

We’ve had lots of issues with XMPP/Openfire/iMessage, to the point where we discourage it. Adium is much better anyway. At least if you switch out the client you can easily determine if the issue is iMessage based, or something with the Openfire config.

I don’t know what iMessage is capable of, but could it be some invisible status turned on or something messed up with his privacy list and maybe he has set to block his presence to everyone.