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Openfire shows users offline

Hello Experts,

I installed openfire in my local machine and connected to zimbra ldap which is installed in another server in same LAN. Used spark client to login to openfire, I am able to login, but when checked in openfire, the users are shown offline. Could you please help me to solve this? I downloaded spark from the web and installed. Do we need to repackage spark from server and install. Please help

Thanks in advnace.

Sorry Guys,

I figured it out… Instead of giving the openfire server address in spark, I gave Zimbra’s address.

My mistake, but fixed now. I wanted to auto populate users as soon as one user logs in. Tried as per one of the video avaliable in this website, but even after enabling the Contact List (Roster) Sharingin openfire, I am unable to populate. Could you please help me to solve this?