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Openfire -> SIP Bridge


I am testing Openfire + Redfire and Redfire’s Phono seems to be working with Flash.

Using Redfire + Flash + RTMP + sip:xxx@xxxx.xxxx number, voice is delivered to our Asterisk SIP server and we could talk each other.

This is probably because Redfire has a feature to log (register) in the Asterisk server and forward the voice data to it.

However, we cannot do that with Java, etc on Phono.

With Java etc, Openfire does not seem to log in the Asterisk server and therefore does not forward voice data.

I checked messages between Openfire and Phono with tcpdump.

Login via HTTP-BIND is successful and intiation on voice call seems to be OK.

Java Phono starts sending voice data with RTP to Openfire, and Openfire also sends audio data to Java Phono.

However, Openfire does not seem to connect to Asterisk server, and the voice data is not forwarded to the Asterisk server despite "sip:XXXX@otherserver.org" number.

How can I make Openfire connect to a SIP server and forward RTP voice data?

According to the result, we may have to change our project plan…

Thank you.