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Openfire Social Plugin

Happy coding all,

I have been maintaining for a while a plugin called “Inspired Social” which combines the social features of WordPress and BuddyPress with the realtime chat and group chat features of Openfire. It is compatible with Openfire Meetings and you can escalate a chat or group chat into an audio/video conference. Users, groups and chat rooms are controlled by WordPress and Openfire only has read access to users and groups. You also get a single sign-in from WordPress which does a websockets auto-sign to Openfire for the chat and group chat.

I have kept it away from igniterealtime in the past to avoid a a clash with ClearSpace which provided the same features. Now that Clearspace support has been removed from Openfire 4.0, I though now might be the time to bring it onboard to fill that void and enable it get some TLC (tender loving care) from the folks here.

I have submitted a PR for the first initial release and assuming there are no objections, it should appear as a new plugin for Openfire 4.0

Is Inspired Social still active or added as a plugin? Or how to upgrade to newest Wordpress and Buddypress?

It is no more active. This because it depends on the Quercus Java Engine for PHP which is no more maintained and updated and is no more compatible with the latest WordPress

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