OpenFire/Spark - Chat with External(Meaning like MSN or Gtalk contacts) Contacts through Spark


First love Openfire server and Spark Client!!

Question though!

Is there a way to allow certain external(Meaning like MSN or Gtalk) contacts to chat with us whiling using the Spark client. Our company just recently closed off outside chatting with friends and family for security reasons. We are using Openfire server and Spark Client to chat internally but we have a few work contacts that utilize Google Talk and MSN. If this is possible please help me!!!


Actually I believe I may have solved my own dilemma! Could I use the “User Import/Export” Plugin??? Well I am going to test to see whether or not this is what I need. If not please correct me and let me know!


I spoke too soon… The “User Import Export” plugin isn’t what I need… Please help!!!

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Great stuff!!! Thank you very much!!! Just want I was looking for!!