Openfire + Spark really free?

We are considering Openfire and Spark as a collaboration solution within a specific department at our company. From what I’ve read under the license agreements both appear to be free, however I would like an official confirmation from Jive Software. Is there an email to which I can direct this question?

Any help would be appreciated.

José Oliveira.


you can consider the fact that Openfire and Spark are licenced under Apache 2.0 as statement about it’s freedom. There is a official statement by Matt Tucker (CTO of Jive software) about this:

The source code of OF and Spark has Apache 2.0 statements all over the place. This makes the current product free in the sense of the Apache 2.0 license.

This is as official as it can get.


Hello Walter,

Excellent! Thank You for the prompt reply.

José Oliveira