Openfire/Spark Setup Question

Hi all:

We are looking to bring up an internal IM server that utilizes our Active Directory tree. However, we have a few specific requirements. I was hoping someone could tell me if Openfire would be able to meet our needs or if I should look elsewhere.

Basically we need the following-

  • The ability to control which AD Groups can use the IM Server
  • The ability to limit IM’ing to those within the same AD Group (example: DSmith is the the IT group, he should not be able to talk to/add HBrown in the HR group)
  • The ability to determine who a user sees the first time they login (their contact list is already created, and cannot be edited)

Would Openfire and Spark be able to handle all of these requests?

I thik you should be able to do everything. Though the first one will require lots of readng in the forums and elsewhere to create searh filter for groups. Second can be acieved with Packet Filter plugin. Last one can be done with group sharing in the Admin Console (in every group settings).

Awesome! Thanks a lot. I was actually playing with some of the ldap filtering features yesterday and have that solved for the most part. The rest looks like cake after installing the packet filter.

Now if I could just figure out these damn ldap filters, thanks a lot.