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Openfire/Spark -- Spark not able to connect from other network

Dear All,

I am using Openfire 3.4.1and Spark_2_5_7.exe. I am able to connect Spark in LAN (inside my network) but not able to connect from WAN (outside, other network).

In Openfire i have not restrict login to any ip.

Please Help.

How is your LAN connected with WAN. Are there any routers, firewalls? External Saprk should connect to port 5222 of a device which is forwarding external traffic into your LAN. So maybe you should forward port 5222 in say router, forward to a machine with Openfire installed on.

Well, you havent provided enough information about your network.

Thanks for your reply.

I have set this rule in iptables. Where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is an ip. With this rule i was not able to login in Openfire/Spark from outside network.

1009 ACCEPT tcp – * * xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

tcp dpt:5222

But when i change iptable rule to

1009 ACCEPT tcp – * *

tcp dpt:5222

then i can able to login in Sprak from outside network.

Please can you tell me the difference in these rules.

You still havent specified enough info about you network setup. This iptables firewall, where is it located? Is it on the same machine with Openfire installed? Is there something between your LAN and outside network (routers, etc.)?

I dont quite understand your rules format. But i suppose second one is accepting traffic from any IP to port 5222. So probably you are specifying wrong IP address in first one. Are you sure this is your outside computer’s real external IP?