Openfire / Spark - voice chat

Please I am hoping for a quick answer. Can Openfire / Spark or any other client be setup for voice chat

please help me or direct me to a link … or any advice.


It’s starting to look like the answer is no, not on all platforms.

Of course you can. You have to install the Red5 Plugin in OF. An download a Plugin for Spark.

Here is a setup doc and a “how-to”

Or use the integrated jingle functions of the XMPP protocol. At the OF admin you have to activate it.

But this does not apply if you’re using a Mac, correct?

If you are using Spark for macintosh as client it should be working. Do you have java webstart and flash player installed on your client machine? Or is your server a mac?

Thanks for the response.

It’s just a work-station Mac, with spark for mac running on it already.

We thought it would work with just the server-side plug-in, but it hangs (times out).

Unfortunately, the testing mac is out of the office today, so I can’t test more mac installs until Tuesday.

For mac you should be able to do voice chat with iChat via jabber with no issues.

But will it work with Red5? We need to go Mac to PC… you see?

Right, Voice-Chat should be possible via iChat without any problems, even mac2pc (tested myself) - And even Video-Chat is possible via iChat and mac2pc. Maybe you haven’t downloaded the red5-plugin.jar that is needed to be placed into your spark “plugins” folder?

But there is no Spark plug-in folder on teh mac, is there?

I guess I should ask… is the voice chat between iChat and Spark in need of Red5, or is that only for the video addition?

I certainly didn’t realize Spark had two plugins folders… one is in the application package, the other is in Users > Username > Spark

Which folder are you referring to?