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Openfire, Sparks, spark web?


sorry I am newbie to this openfire things… because seriously I didnt get an explanation about all these projects in this website, somehow the presentation its kind of too short. Can someone explain me what is openfire, sparks or spark web is about? currently I’m using openfire to establish a communication between my servers and client over xmpp… but I have no idea what was that all about, since I was collaborating with other developers team and they are the one who use this openfire.

May I know the function of broadcast.jar plugins?

Big Thanks… I hope this openfire will bring knowledge to me and I could expand this to my friends and colleague.

Openfire = XMPP chat server

Spark = XMPP chat client

Sparkweb = XMPP web chat client

gateway.jar = outdated unsupported bridge to non-XMPP chat protocols (AIM, Yahoo, etc) has been replaced by kraken.jar

Broadcast plugin lets users send one message to multiple contacts (using their chat client).

haha got metally confused with the plugins.

With spark the broadcast plugin is not needed. You can broadcast to any user/groups in your roster.

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