OpenFire start : nohup.out: Permission denied

Hi everybody,

I just installed openfire on a linux server thanks to the rpm package.

Now, when I try to launch openfire, I get this message :

Starting openfire: sh: /opt/openfire/logs/nohup.out: Permission denied

In the logs directory :

-rw-rr 1 root root 0 Jul 11 12:58 debug.log

-rw-rr 1 root root 4878 Jul 11 13:37 error.log

-rw-rr 1 root root 3067 Jul 11 13:51 info.log

-rw-rr 1 root root 29343 Jul 11 13:38 warn.log

Rights on the directory :

drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Jul 11 13:31 logs

I tried to use the script, which allowed me to access the web admin page and configure my server, but, when I try to get the status of openfire, it is not running.

Even when the script I have this message :

ls: /usr/java/j*: No such file or directory

Openfire 3.5.2

Admin console listening at:

Thank you for helping me,


Ok, I find the answer myself.

To install the package I did :

alien openfire.rpm

And after

dpkg -i openfire.deb

But, to obtain a correct deb file, I should have typed :

alien openfire.rpm --scripts

And now, it’s ok

Maybe it will be helpfull for other people.