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Openfire Statistics Blank

Hi there,

This has been an issue since upgrading from 4.0 to latest. In Openfire “Server” > “Statistics” the data is blank. Well, it does show the number of users, conversations, and packet per minute number… the PNG’s (graphs) are missing/never generated.

Is this a common issue, permissions related maybe?


Upgraded Openfire from 4.2.1 to 4.2.2 and tried to upgrade the Monitoring plugin from 1.5.7 to 1.5.9, which doesn’t seem to have worked it just spins perpetually until you manually reload the page, and then it still says it needs an upgrade… BUT, the timestamps on the monitoring plugin components from the filesystem are updated and much to my surprise the statistics now display properly.

I am closing this. Upgrading plugin from 1.5.7 to 1.5.9 seems to have solved the problem.