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./openfire stop - Timeout several times before stopping all running processes

Hi there,

every other day i restart my openfire.

I noticed, that i have to try it several times, before all running processes are stopped.

It looks like this:

www:/opt/openfire/bin # ./openfire stop

Shutting down openfire

Timeout. Daemon did not shutdown yet.

Anyone noticed the same issue or knows something that i can do to provite a quick stop of the entire openfire-server?

Thanks in advande

I’m using /opt/openfire/bin/extra/openfired, works great and can be linked into /etc/init.d/ and /etc/rc.d for automatic start/stop.

There are still differences between scripts from RPM, *.tar.gz and SourceCode-Version. I’m using the *.tar.gz, which needs a symlink from bin/openfire to bin/openfire.sh to work with the bin/extra/openfired script.

Never heared before about this script, but it is also in my extra folder.

Can i implement it into a cronjob? e.g. stopping every day at 23:58:10 and restarting 23:58:20 - or should there be mire difference between the starting / stopping time?

Can i operate with this script the same way like ./openfire?


Can i implement it into a cronjob?

Sure, but I would recommend to try “openfired restart”, which does nothing else than:

sleep 10

Can i operate with this script the same way like ./openfire?

It behaves like an standard script to control daemons. Main advantage is that is runs openfire automatically as user “jive”.

Why do you want to restart openfire every day? My openfire is running since 27 days without restart. I restart only in case of problems or necessary updates of components openfire depends on (kernel, database, openfire itself…)

Thanks. I’ll give this a try.

I noticed that after running openfire for a few day some processe may be “hanging”. E.g. the admin console is unreachable or some of the transport aren’t working for some reasons … A restart always solves the problems.

Works great!