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Openfire Stop very often

for my business I had to install a jabber server.
I configure, it works perfectly, employees can discuss on the server.
I have a big problem, the server stops without error message, there are no errors in log messages, there is nothing. It stop at irregular intervals.
I updated Java, I reinstalled Openfire
have you ever had this problem

i work on windows server 2003

i work on windows server 2003

What is your memory allocation? Is it running as a service?

no this the same problem when he start as a service?

it’s possible the memory

because i know the server use all the memory,

do you think it’s because there is not enough memory?

what is the minimun of memory need for openfire ( 20 user max will user openfire)

It has to do with the amount of RAM allocated to openfire based on the number of users. Also be certain that nobody is running the Openfire application at the same time as the service. This will cause it to stop.

adjusting memory:

Custom Parameters

Advanced users may wish to pass in parameters to the Java virtual machine (VM) to customize the runtime environment of Openfire. You can do this by creating vmoptions files in the bin/ directory of your Openfire installation. For the Windows service, you’d create a new text file called openfire-service.vmoptions. Each parameter to the VM should be on a new line of the file. For example, to set the minimum heap size to 512 MB and max VM heap size to 1024 MB, you’d use:


To create parameters for the normal launcher, create a file called openfired.vmoptions (since the openfire.exe launcher invokes the openfired.exe executable to actually start the server).

attached is a sample vmoptions file for the service.
openfire-service.vmoptions (20 Bytes)

i will go to put more memory on the server for tonight

i hope that is the solve of my problem.

i come back tomorow to tell you if it’s good

I am not refering to physical RAM. You need to adjust the memory allocated to openfire. Unless of course tou server is RAM starved. Openfire by default is only allocated 64MB of RAM.


always the same problem with more memory

this night there were more 1Go of free memory,

here the memory use by openfire

14,94 MB of 63,56 MB (23,5%) use

I gonna try on a new computer, to see if i have the same problem.

a question

i have this error


2009.04.22 15:56:18 [org.jivesoftware.util.log.util.CommonsLogFactory$1.error(CommonsLogFactory.jav a:88)
] Line=19 The content of element type “dwr” must match “(init?,allow?,signatures?)”.

You need to increase the java memory allocation to openfire as specified in the original replies. It only has 64MB of memory it is allowed to use.

additionally you may be having a database issue. what database are you using. I recommend using an external database such as MySQL. It can be installed natively on windows, and has very good gui tools for management.

yes i use a database mysql, on the same server,

the server myqsl is already use by a web server.

to increase the allocation memory of openfire

it’s in the configuration of openfire ? if yes, where is it?

i didn’t find it.


i have reinstalled all,

updated java

add memory on the server

launched openfire as a service

and since friday, openFire has not stopped,

i hope that will go continue

thanks all