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Openfire stopped communicating with Active Directory

Hi lads

My openfire server has stopped communicating with our active directory, error is attatched, any ideas. I have taken over managing it and am trying to get my head around it, so i’m a complete novice when it comes to openfire.

When trying to login to spark, we get username or password is not valid.

Appriciate the help

openfire error.txt (29431 Bytes)

reinstalled and setup the active directory, however people arnt seeing each other as they did before, that have to be added again to their contact list to communicate, any ideas why this is like this?

If you did not configure it with exactly the same settings using the same database, all previous data is gone. You could have achieved this by stopping the server, editing the openfire.xml setup tag to read false, then starting openfire and stepping through the config again via the admin site.

But the user lists have been saved, so when a user logs in now, they have a list of their contact, from the DB, however when a user from that list logs in, they dont show up as loged in. any ideas?

If it helps i still have a backup of all the old files, settings, can this help?

it could if you were using the embedded db or openfire prior to version 3.6.x