Openfire stops responding on port 5229

We are connecting to openfire using flash and the Xiff library.

After a while, openfire stops responding to Xiff and the crossdomain.xml isn’t returned – breaking all new connectivity.

We’ve tracked it down to openfire not responding to any calls on that port. It does respond on port 5222 normally, and non-flash clients connect fine and continue to work.

We don’t see any errors in the logs, so there isn’t anything obvious going wrong.

A restart of openfire re-enables the port for response and continues normally, but that isn’t really desirable. It is a reliability issue.

Has anyone else seen this?

Is there a workaround that causes this to start responding again?

Aside from restarting openfire, is there a way to restart this service?

Any ideas would be appreciated.

I have found a workaround, but I think it isn’t the best idea - it would be better if openfire would continue responding, or detect the failure and restart the socket.

Running something like this perl script to respond to xmlsocket request with flash socket policy file on port 843

Anything in the Openfire logs when it stops responding?

unfortunately no.

They don’t have any indication that the port has stopped responding, other than directly testing it, for example, with a browser. The system is otherwise happy. the GC indicates that it has run a few times.