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Openfire support to authenticate ldap users with SSHA password

Hi All,

I am having issue in authenticating the users with ldap having SSHA password. Earlier i had PLAIN authentication implementaion in ldap so openfire ldap authentication was happening fine. Now i need to change the ldap user password to SSHA encrypted, but i doesnt see any suport for SSHA in openfire.

Can anyone help me in resolving the issue, Is there any way to modify the ldap auth provider to support SSHA password ?

Also one more issue is that if add the authentication type to DIGEST-MD5 in HSQLDB, openfire will not advertise it , it will advertise only PLAIN and ANONYMUS.



We are also thinking about installing Openfire, but we have a MySQL database with SSHA256 passwords, and I think that’s not supported at the moment. Maybe this will be implemented in the new future?


SSHA works well on OpenLdap+OpenFire