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Openfire supports only lower-case logins / usernames


I have a lot of users, which are complainig about the authentification. Lot of them wants wo create usernames like:

  • “Test_Test” or “OmG”…

The Account will be created but in lower-case (“test_test” “omg”) and when the users wants to login they write their usernames of course so like on the registration (“Test_Test” “OmG”).

They get then a “Wrong Password” error. Is it a bug, or can I configure somewhere this issuse?

Thanks for help.

Regards David

Not just Openfire. It is a standard of xmpp/jabber. Logins are lowercase and you can’t do anything. Though it’s strange that users cant login if they put login with upper case letters. What client do you use? As this should be no difference the way you enter your login, the client should still login. I mean login is not case sensitive, at least in Spark.

For the different names like “OmG” users should use vCards and fill their profiles with the info they like and in the form they like.

I’m using QIP Infinium (www.qip.ru).

Is it possible to make an openfire plugin that decode upper-case usernames to lower-case automaticaly?

I had before openfire an ejabberd server and you could register there with upper-case, now many of my users can’t login and are asking for support.

Regards David

I think this is a problem with Infium. Spark/Exodus logins normally. Exodus is even not letting you to save a login with the upper case letters, and i think Spark is making everything lowercase once the users press Login button. Personally i think there is no need to change something on the Openfire side. Dont know is it possivle to make such plugin which will intercept packets prior to the login handlers.