Openfire TLS seetings for IM client

Hi to all,

hope u r doing great…I am new to this community and also in openfire so plz help me.

I am using openfire 3.5.2 version. I enabled tls required for can it will promet for user certificate in spark?.without valid user certificate server will never allowed to login in their any option or any other possiblity to did that.



spark automatically takes care of it… assuming there are generated certificated on the server.

but I need a usercertificate which is signed by my own CA…rest of the others are not able to login…



Hey Sanaullah,

Spark does not have support for asking the user what to do with untrusted certificates. I don’t have the Spark source code here but I bet it is relying on the certificates found in the JRE/JDK being used by Spark. That means that you can add the root CA cert to the [java home]/lib/security/cacert file. To do that you will need to use the keytool tool.

Feel free to post a new feature request in the Spark forums so that the prompt for untrusted certs is added to the roadmap. Or you can implement it and contribute back the patch.


– Gato