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OpenFire to MSSQL with AD auth and Encryption

So I am having a hell of time with my DB string to connect to our MSSQL.

My setup: MSSQL running on a windows server with an Active Directory user (we’ll say OpenfireUser) as sysadmin on the Database. This database also requires encryption. On the setup screen to connect to the Database, what all should i be entering for the DATABASE URL and the Username? The sql server throws an event complaining about encryption, and the Openfire server complains about the database connection resetting…

Any help would be great thanks!

I haven’t tried connecting using AD credentials, but it should be possible. I normally just create a local account, and only give that account access to the database. I’m assuming by encryption, you mean ssl connection to the db? if so the string should look something like this. To use the example below, you’ll need to have your SQL Server Browser services running.