Openfire Under Apache 2.0 License

Hello All,

I’m happy to announce that Openfire will be moving to a more liberal open source license – Apache 2.0. Apache 2.0 provides significantly more flexiblity than the GPL in virtually every way, so it should be a big win for the community all around. We expect to get all the source code headers updated for the next release. There were several motivations for making this change:

  1. The GPL license was preventing some companies from using Openfire due to corporate policies
  2. There was no reason to keep using GPL and end-users generally seem to prefer Apache
  3. We’d like to encourage a broader range of commercial companies to contribute to the project and the Apache license is a good way to help make that happen

Would be happy to answer question or comments.



Great mm… doesnt change much for me, though

What about Spark/Smack/Whack/Tinder/etc.? I know XIFF is already under Apache license.


Interesting news launched by you.

Do you have estimaded time about releasing Openfire under Apache license?

Also, do you think same about Spark as message written above?

Thnks in advance


I just completed checking in the license changes to SVN. Expect an official release soon.

We’re open to changing the license on other projects. Would appreciate input from folks on this!




Any hopes of defining ‘soon’ ? There are a lot of important fixes waiting in the trunk for release, including a CVE…


Are we ever going to see an **official **(packaged) release of Openfire under the Apache license?

This is very important for some *potential *users that are not willing to rely on nightly builds.

Also, it still says that Openfire is under the GPL license across your website, and that is confusing.



I’m not very knowledgeable about OSS. As someone looking to write (closed-source) commercial software how does this affect me?

Official release would be when Jive will prepare production server for us and give all management to our hands (community). Can’t say when. Maybe it will be Beta 2 first as there were some changes after Beta 1 (there is no official download of that Beta though).

As about site, we (community) can’t do anything with that yet. Eventually i think everything will be fixed.

jdx, well, i’m not a license guru or a lawyer either, but with GPL i think you have to provide the source with your product, probably only of those parts that you have used or modified the GPL source.

It is great!

Any news on Spark/Smack going Apache? Let us know?

Spark is going Apache, many files has been already changed to Apache license. Not sure about the Smack though.

Smack is already under the Apache license and always has been.

Ok, so here is a question, about a year ago, we checked out the Spark code and converted into a netbeans platform module. That project has been on the shelf, but I was recently able to compile and reconnect to a local openfire server and get it up and running. Can I change those sources to the Apache license before distribution of the project?