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Openfire upgrade issues

Good morning everyone,

I am having issues upgrading to 4.1.5 from 4.0.2 Openfire. I can complete the upgrade and the server looks like it started. But end-users cannot connect to the Openfire server and I get a message stating that I need to change the server name in order to connect. When I try saving the correct server name it doesn’t change it. I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

try to reset your server property and configure it from start.

Just change setup to false in openfire.xml you can set up whole information and database from start.

don’t worry about the data it will be back when you provide the same database while re set up.

Hope this help

I am sorry. I am still learning about this software and I didn’t set it up. The person that did is gone. In server properties, I do not see what your recommending me to do.


Hi Eric,

You need to change the property value to false in openfire.xml file. you can find this file on openfire installtion base directory/Conf .

After changing this property just restart the server it will ask to set up whole the server.


Are you running openfire on Windows or Linux?

What Hiren said is correct. Find the openfire.xml file and change the setup value to false. Then go through the initial setup again.

The warning here, considering that you said you are not the person who originally setup the server, is that you will need to know all the initial setup information. Particularly the location of the database (if you’re not using the built-in database), the database username and password, any LDAP info (if you use LDAP).

I’d recommend taking a snapshot (if you’re running a VM) of the server, or perform a backup of the openfire and database directories, before proceeding with this option.

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I am running Windows server 2008 R2. I changed the setup to false and went through the initial setup. I couldn’t get passed through the connection with the FQDN and the domain name. I couldn’t get connected to the server, so I had to back to my original version of 4.0.5. I have already perform the backup. I don’t understand why I can’t get passed through FQDN issue.