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Openfire User/Group Admin Console display Issue


We are running the latest version (3.6.4) and using OpenLDAP for authentication. Right now, with our existing filters for our database we have 23 users and 4 groups which match. When I configure LDAP and use the “test mode” to go though the users and groups I get exactly what I expect, 23 users and 4 groups.

When I look in the Admin Console however under users and groups, it tells me there are 23 total users and 4 groups, however it only actually displays 22 users and 3 groups.

The missing entry seems to be based on alphabetical order, the entry that would appear last in the list is missing from the list.

If there is only one user/group then the UI displays no users or groups in the listing, but still says there is a total of 1.

Curiously, the “missing user” appears on the roster when the group he is in is shared. Additionally, he can log in and use the service just fine, I jsut can’t see his name on the list of users, and therefore cannot change any of his settings or manage the user though the admin console.

Is this a known bug?


I’ve narrowed this one down some more. This appears to be a bug with ldap.clientSidesorting.

If this is set to true, use and group entries displayed in the admin console seem to be off by one. Can anyone confirm?