Openfire User/Group hanging

Hello everyone,

sometimes a user gets disconnected from openfire (we use pidgin as client) and when i try to access the “User/Group” tab on the server it’s loading forever and nothing happens.

After 10-15 minutes everything is working again. We use LDAP with Active Directory and it affects only one user at a time.

Does anyone had this problem bevore?

Thanks in advance!

are you using ldaps or tls?

no only plain ldap

and its just the single user? no one else appears to having any problems?

It’s always just a single user but everytime it’s a different one.

Next time this happens i will post the log here but i don’t think it is really helpfull.

are you using ldap or active directory? if AD, how many objects do you have in AD? over 1000? What do your search filters look like?

We use active directory and connect over ldap.

LDAP Settings
Base DN:
Administrator DN:
cn=“Openfire User”,cn=“users”,dc=“domain”,dc=“local”

This are the ldap settings, and we have 75 Users in the complete active directory.