Openfire user list does not match the client roster

I have Openfire 3.5.2 installed succesfully on one of our corporate server. It retrieve the the users in our company through Active Directory.

If I go to users/groups and then users I see a total of 180 users listed which is the correct number. If I go under groups and then I select the “wildfire” group sometimes I see a smaller number of users but is changing all the time. right now it shows 100 but just 5 minutes ago it showed 185,

When I launch a client I see a lot less users. I’ve tried different clients (PSI, SPARK and coccinella) and all of them never show the correct number of users.

If I login using my account I will always see the same number of users doesn’t matter what client or what system I am logging on and there seems to be no correlation betweethe users I see.

If I login as a different user I will see a different number of users listed in the roster but never the entire list of users.

Does anyone have some suggestion on how to fix this problem?


When configureing the server did you use Fully Qualified Domain Names for all server names, including your chat server?

Can you post your Openfire.xml config file?

Have you tried clearing the caches of openfire?

I am pretty sure I used only FQDN everywhere.

How do I clear the cache?

Here is the openfire.xml

(& (objectClass=Person) (memberOf=cn=Wildfire,cn=Users,dc=companyva,dc=company,dc=com) (userAccountControl=66048) (sAMAccountName=) )














The cache settings are found in the admin website for openfire. You do realize your filter will only show users that have passwords set to never expire. You are also missing several entries in your vcard to make the vCard in spark fill in correctly. I have attached a sample openfire.xml with the vCard mappings that work for AD.

I was under the impression that userAccountControl would allow to show all the active users (not disabled). Do you know how accomplish that?

Anyway, all of our users are setup with password never expire set.

I Changed the vCard mapping and restarted Openfire. Now the roster shows all the users but I am not sure if the vCard is what fixed it or the fact that I restarted the service.I believe the vCard is only used to map the various fields and should not have an impact on the number of users in the roster so it must have been the restart.

thanks mtstravel

Any other comment comment is appreciated

Now I see again almost all the users on one roster (PSI) and the other computer running Spark shows only three.

Really strange…

I am bumping this up hoping that someone is able to help me out with this.

Basically the problem is that one user is able to see the entire list of users we have in our Active Directory and another only see 3 or 4.

Any idea how to fix this?