Openfire v4.0.2 on Ubuntu v14.04

I have just updated my Openfire server to 4.0.2. Unfortunately now my spark im client’s cannot connect to the openfire server.

I thought the culprit might be a java issue after reading the other 4.0.2 articles. I have updated the java using the instructions located below.

How To Install Oracle Java 8 In Debian Via Repository [JDK8] ~ Web Upd8: Ubuntu / Linux blog

This has not fixed the problem though. When i log into the management console the java version is still listed as

When I check the version using the terminal command javac -version it shows v

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

The Openfire start script uses a couple of settings to determine what version of Java to use. I suspect that your JAVA_HOME setting is missing or incorrect, but there could be a number of other causes.

Unless there’s a reason for you to have Java 7, you might as well remove it completely - it was EOL’d a long time ago, and simply removing the offending version might be the easiest solution.