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Openfire V4.3.2 can't invite user to conference

Hi I found Openfire V4.3.2 can’t invite user to conference.
Either use Spark V2.8.3 or V2.7.7 also not work.
How to solve this problem ?
Since I have upgrade the Openfire form V4.2.3.1 to V4.3.2.1

I’m not able to reproduce this error running two Spark 2.8.3 clients and Openfire 4.3.2. I can either invite another user from an already existing room, or do ad-hoc room from the chat window. In both cases invite goes through and i can press Accept and join the room.

Can you provide more details, maybe step by step, how are you trying to do this and at what step it stops? Also check Openfire logs for errors at /openfire/logs/all.log

Spark Error Logs:
There is a bunch of files, look through all of them and select events that correlate with the time of your issue.