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OpenFire Version 3.4.1 Students signing up not showing up in messenger

Hello, first I would like to thank the community on helping the Westwood Online Student Game Development Team and our student game called dirty. Misfitgraphics.yi.org, this service has been wonderful…well we have a bug…and I don’t know how to fix it…

I have a very serious issue and I am of course a student so I do not know how to debug this issue.

When I have students sign up I have to manually add them, they do not go into the default student section. Where do I go to make sure that is set correctly and any advise would be helpful…I also noticed that I am unable to log in to openfire from time to time, and have to restart the service to gain access.( says page unavailable)…I have no idea why on this either…but it is related, both problems started about a month ago and both started at the same time…just to give that history.

Ok thanks team and look forward to your reply.

Sorry such a noob here but I am trying to learn, which I hope counts for something…


Josh Jones

Student Game Development Club

Producer Dirty Game Project

Fixed, I am retarded, you have to have the plug in installed…after upgrading it…sorry everyone…got it fixed…