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Openfire vs. Flash Media Server

If you were proposing to develop a text chat application using OpenFire, what would you say the strengths and weakness of Openfire are versus the chat capabilities of Flash Media Server? This would be for a high-volume, multi-room, web-based chat app.

If you have knowledge or experience with both solutions, any insights would be appreciated.

first they are not even the same type of product. yes the flash server can do chat with an extension. openfire is an xmpp chat server. that is its purpose. adobe’s server costs a fortune. openfire is free.

I understand they are different products, but I’m told that FMS can be used to build a chat app just like Openfire can, so apart from the cost are there any clear advantages or disadvantages to using one vs. the other? Sorry, I should have been clearer with the question. Thanks.


  • open source
  • open protocol (XMPP)
  • platform independent (Mac, Windows, Nix)
  • cross protocol capable (AIM, MSN, Yahoo, etc)


  • Corp level support if needed

now all that being said you are still asking us to compare apples to trucks.